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Rheological studies on the effect of different thickeners in texture
The common thickener used are of starch-based, gum-based or a combination of both Yoon and Yoo 2016 . However, the commercial thickeners sold in Malaysia are rather expensive and only available in selected stores. Therefore, the search for a suitable thickener at an affordable price to be used in dysphagia-oriented food is in great need.Thickening of municipal sludge using recycled coagulant - UTP This study investigated the effectiveness of a coagulant, recycled ferric chloride RFC as a coagulant for reused in thickening of municipal sludge. RFC is generated from sludge produced from a groundwater treatment plant through a digestion process.Shelf life stability and quality study of texture-modified chicken A ready-to-eat food called texture-modified chicken rendang TMCR was developed for consumption of the elderly with dysphagia in Malaysia. Incorporation of xanthan gum as food thickener in retorted TMCR was evaluated monthly over 6 months’ period for its shelf-life stability and quality.
Evaluation of rheological and textural properties of texture-modified
Commercial thickener with the brand Valens Thixer BioScenergy International Sdn. Bhd. which made up of modified corn starch was purchased from Han’s Pharmacy Penang, Malaysia . The rice porridge was prepared in accordance with our formulation, using the ingredients shown in Table 1 .The rice grains were ground into powder form using dry mill blender ModelMX-GM1011H Panasonic, Selangor Abstract - MALAYSIA SOCIETY OF HEPATO-PANCREATO-BILIARY SURGEONS All abstracts must be submitted online. Abstracts must be written in clear English. The abstract body/text should be structured into the 4 sections: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions. The abstract body may be no more than a maximum of 250 words for Poster and Video, 350 words for Oral. No tables, graphs or images are allowed.Abstract: Granitoid Batholiths of Peninsular Malaysia: Typology and thickening. Combined effects of high radiogenic heat production and heat retention may largely be responsible for raising the temperature sufficiently high to cause crustal anate­ xis. It seems that the thermal evolution and the P-T-t paths of the Western Belt were different from those of the other two belts.
Abstract: Tectonomagmatic Evolution of the Main Range Granite of
Peninsular Malaysia K.R. Chakraborty Department of Geology, University of Malaya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur The voluminous Triassic Main Range Granite MRG is a spectacular and a fundamentally important geologic feature. Its tectonomagmatic evolution is a contentious issue, and must beA Systematic Process for Weaning Children With Aspiration From A successful wean from thickened fluids to thin fluids was completed in 39 78% . The mean SD duration of a successful wean was 0.9 0.6 years. Five patients tolerated a reduction in thickener but not a full wean to thin fluids. For 6 patients, weaning failed and they continued to receive thickened fluids.Preparation of Grease using Organic Thickener - ScienceDirect The percentage of base oil and thickener used were 65 to 75% of base oil and 25 to 35% of thickener. The formulation was done by dispersing the thickener in the base oil at temperature of 110Â C for 3 hours. Several tests were conducted to evaluate the grease properties, including its consistency, oil bleeding, and oil separation.
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